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After listening to the last episode a few times..
Well I've listened to the whole thing over and over...

I told you about it.

I know how its done...
A Month?

That is my latest bill from Telus...

Just for basic internet...

I don't have a tv...I'm not streaming cable.

I can do what I do from the local library...and guess what...that's what I'm gonna be doing come January 2015.

Can you believe this shit?...

I'll try to clean up this DA page in the meantime.
I can't breathe...cant breathe...

under the

Pig pile...pig pile...


Where are the punk rock bands when you need them?

Big Black?...Cop Shoot Cop?

Instead we get ....oh don't get me going on the lame ass crap that substitutes wanna be poetry for a guitar solo because these idiots never took the time to lean how to play an instrument..
Which is what I've been calling *Thursday* since I heard the first episode of...

on "This American Life"
Way back, one drowsy Saturday afternoon when the first episode was just one part of a regular show.

Yep - I was in on the bleeding edge and since then I've listened...and re listened to like...every episode since ten times.

If you aren't in the loop..OK..too bad.

Get in the loop. You won't be sorry.

Ditch your netflix or your sitcoms or whatever for a few hours...this is rl. This is why...after listening to can laugh buckets at even the *best* that network tv can throw at you.

Plus...and I know that the few who read this are..

If you want to be a *writer*

I highly suggest this as...OK..if I wanted to write a cliffhanger...this how...

If you have any nostalgia for your high school days...if you are struck dumb by the ...*fuck* these kids...

As the prelude suggests, go back to episode one. Binge listen up to the recent. Get hooked...suffer the torment I've been in the last couple months...waiting..
Play Sherlock..Play..hardcore..rl detective...remember what it was *like*...and think about what happened that night *you* were involved in something like this...
# So why would you care?

and people spend a week creating a concept for a twitter they hope will get a re tweet...dies when they don't.


Nick Cave thinks people who twitter have a problem...Taylor Swift defies streaming and soundcloud uses twitter and social media to do an end run on the "steal this music" thing.  She can do it.
 Mother Mother..Canadian band from BC..High class Indie rock...some things never die.

I know the bulk of the world is with me but this is the age of the extremist. the ones who might read this already know...catch 22. If you know enough to understand it is  probably too late.

Doggers sent me this link.

Potential to publish online and reap the rewards of your efforts. Ok....sounds good...I have characters...stories...concepts and a (potential) fan base.

Ok..seems like a good idea..on the surface.
On the flip...I've seen Gagsnob...zoom up like Icarus...and *fuck* we saw the hell he went through. Attempts at blackmail etc.
Tasha's tale by zymurgea...*failed* apparently from lack of funds (though I personally threw about seventy five bucks at them)
Fail35..illustrations that went from strength to strength. I chatted with him about this and the file share thing he revealed that ..."eh...t'fuck"..the money is not relevant.  Not his words..but that was his attitude. He can create in a money..
Then we have the Shiniez in DA...and...yeah...I called it guys...I told you he was a pro who was dabbling in D/s...phoney as a 3 dollar bill. See my loosecannon rants..pulls the suckers..but looks reaaaalllly purrrty....that was ...three years ago?...I warned you when he first showed up.
Anyway...or..the Gary Roberts  look...
I could do that.
But it would just get ripped off.
*Nobody* flies with those independent .com artist specific sites.
couple months into the thing...some asshole pays you the five bucks...gleans it all out then puts it up on a fileshareing shite...(sp intentional)
Oh..another tragic example..

ah...left him. out...too tragic...

So your work is for nothing...the people who paid a few bucks..are ripped off too because they have paid for something that is now out on the web for free..

So your illustrations are worth nothing. writing...less than nothing because you could have spent your time in a more worthwhile pursuit.

Thing is back to the original proposition of Doggers suggests...if I was doing that just for me...I'd put up a few pages...they'd get ripped off..I'd put up a graphic novel...a years worth of work...sell...a few dozen copies...(ask Gagshob about this now ) and then...*bam* filesharing assholes put your work up ..whatever they use now...and..for every one copy you sold...couple thousand are downloaded for free.

Oh...and just as a btw...I know they do this to the hardcore porn creators too..and if they can force hardcore porn sites...bdsm sites with real life models...into subjugation...because all their work is being stolen...and then just re launched by sites that just get revenue from ads...


what the fuck chance do any of us have?

K..and you are doubting this...I'll get you the links but you probably already know.
So...the rl world just goes *so*...fuck you guys....and girls...and creators of content...and fuck you who might want to create content...So you are preyed you are ripped off..
And that is why I don't tend to draw much anymore....

Oh...*my* catch 22..I said to Doggers...If I was good enough to sell enough copies to make that fly...I'd sell the stuff to dofantasy or whoever and let them worry about copywrite...and then...if I was that good...I would already be working for them..."ta dah*...

So why bother?


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After listening to the last episode a few times..
Well I've listened to the whole thing over and over...

I told you about it.

I know how its done...

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